Yinchuan 银川

Yinchuan (银川) is the capital city of Ningxia, Hui (回族人) Autonomous Region, of the Peoples Republic China and former capital of the Western Xia Empire. The city enjoys a beautiful natural scenery and has great conditions for agriculture. That is why Yinchuan (银川) earned the fame of “River Side in the Northwest” and “Home to Fishes and Rice”.

Yinchuan is famous for their Goji-Berries (Wolfberries) which cultivated along the yellow river for more than 700 years and have earned much reputation around Asia for their premium quality, sometimes called “red diamond”. While, in traditional Chinese medicine, Goji’s are claimed to have numerous health effects, such as support of your immune system, when having eye problems or high blood pressure, in western marketing is often propagate to the myth of a Chinese who consumed Goji berries (枸杞) every day and lived to the age of 256.

Yinchuan, Ningxia is a promising area for growing wine
Ningxia is a promising area for growing wine

Besides Goji berries, Ningxia is destinated to be China’s wine capital and earns rapidly growing international reputations. In recent blind wine-tasting competitions, Ningxia wines have done better than Bordeaux wines.

When it comes to Attractions, the capital city of Ningxia has to offer a long history and so it has many places to see, e.g. Sand lake, Western Xia Imperial Tombs, the Haibao Pagoda in the north of Yinchuan and the Chengtiansi Pagoda in the south, China West Film Studios (Zhenbeibu Film Studios), the Helan Mountains and there over 1500 years old rock paintings, the Drum Towers and many more.

The Haibao Pagoda in Yinchuan with fortune tellers in front of the entrance.
The Haibao Pagoda with fortune tellers in front of the entrance in Yinchuan.



If you have only a short time in Yinchuan, we suggest to visit the Haibao Pagoda and/or the famous China West Film Studios.


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Yinchuan, Ningxia